A Holiday Elegance Gift Basket


For an extra-special occasion, give this classy gourmet gift filled with everything they desire. An ornate gold gift basket holds an assortment of decadent treats such as Godiva chocolates, creamy cheese, toasted crackers, mouthwatering cookies, and much more.

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Godiva Chocolate Bar (2 count); Godiva Pretzels (1 count); Chocolate Dipped Graham Crackers (4 oz each, 1 count); Cookie Sandwich (0.75 oz each, 2 count); Cookies (2.5 oz each, 1 count); Salted Nuts ( 3 oz each, 1 count); Truffles (3.53 oz each, 1 count); Toffee (1.7 oz each, 1 count); Biscotti (1.75 oz, 1 count)


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