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Astound Your Mom!

Memories of My Mom


Just because you’ve never won anything in your life, should not deter you from submitting your poignant story about your Mom.

It’s more about sharing and being able to show your Mom the memories of times past, that you cherish and hold dear.

Read the background for our Mom’s are Special event.

The winning entry will be chosen by a random drawing. We consider everyone’s story about their Mom special.

If you’re the winner, you’ll have one ecstatic and appreciative Mom!


And here’s what we’ll send your Mom Click here to view what your Mom will receive!

Submit your “Memories of My Mom” below:

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Free Chocolate!! Err… win a Fabulous Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift!

The winning quote was: 

“Every Different Piece Of Chocolate Is Like A Portion Of Life,
Just As you are to me in my life;
Some Are Crunchy,
Some Are Nutty,
Some Are as witty,
Some Are Soft,
But All Are Delicious.”

Thanks to Sarah for this eloquent quote. For those of you still grappling with what to say, this quote is a winner!


Yes It’s True! You’ll receive Free Chocolate when you win.  Best yet, you need not buy anything!

To win:

Come up with the most memorable and effective “Quote”, to woo a Valentine with Chocolate!

Many debonair romantics, lack the oratorical skills to hail a wait person never mind wooing that special someone who may be unaware of their secret admirer.

Thus this contest!

In addition to challenging the most articulate Chocoholic minds, your submitted quotes will provide: courage,  inspiration and the words desperately needed by the legion of tongue tied romantics who might otherwise spend Valentine’s day grooming their pet.

Your entries will be judged and tested by the editorial staff. The decision of the judges will be announced February 10th, in time to send the Fabulous Prize to the designated Valentine with the winning quote inscribed on a lustrous gift card.

Lest we forget – Click here to behold the Fantastic Chocolate Prize!

Submit your “Memorable Quote” as a Reply below: