Chocolate is a Passion

  • Starbucks for the Holidays

Chocolate is a passion! You don’t just nibble or eat chocolate…    you savor, experience, live…    and at times, reluctantly share chocolate.

For the Holidays use our convenient Catalog page when sending gifts to multiple Chocolate loving Friends, Family, Acquaintances or use our Shopping Cart for treats for yourself and a few deserving others.

Chocolate possesses Mystical Powers!

Want to make a friend – offer chocolate! Want to make up – send chocolate! Want to heal – bring chocolate! Want to be popular – give chocolate! Want to feel good – eat chocolate!

Minimum Chocolate SustenanceA select few of us are more able to commune with chocolate than others. We carry that burdensome, yet coveted mantle of a “Chocoholic”. If you are a member of this elite and exclusive group, Welcome!

Wannabes feel free to explore!  With the insights gained and conscientiously tasting and eating chocolate you too may ascend to the level of a true Chocoholic.