About Us

This is the third incarnation of Chocoholic.com.

You know… things change, don’t quite work out and you stumble, but you catch yourself, straighten yourself out, rekindle your spirit and set off anew.

About UsA bit about Us

Chocoholic.com started back in 1998, way before the Internet was cool.  We were one of the first web sites to sell chocolate on-line.

But since those times, the internet crashed, arose from the ashes, transformed itself from a playground for the technorati, to a resource used by everyone. Of late the internet has transformed itself yet again from not just a commercial and informational resource but to a social environment.

Today the internet is teeming with communities which invite social interaction, camaraderie and of course offering valuable essentials (chocolate, wine, flowers, shoes, clothing) and things of lesser import.

For Chocoholics by Chocoholics

The new Chocoholic.com is part of this latest evolution of the internet. This site is by chocoholics, for chocoholics, about chocoholics. It’s about all-of-Us!

Our goal is to kindle your interest and participation by focusing on all things chocolate. We’ll strive to keep this site: Whimsical, Funky, Sincere, Thoughtful, Caring, Personal and Beautiful.

Chocoholics make the World a Better Place

While we may stumble at times (it won’t be the first time), that’s where our heart and soul are at.  So join your fellow Chocoholics to make this world a better place.