Holiday Income

Gift giving can be challenging, that’s why the services of a Chocolate Concierge can be rewarding and sought after.

Recognize that gift recipients may be male or female, may be young or older, may be active or less so and the list of differences goes on.

What gifts would be suitable for such a broad range of recipients?

If you exclaimed “Chocolate!” you’re right! Not only is chocolate enjoyed by most, it’s reasonably priced, safe to eat, easy to ship during the colder winter periods and communicates a personal sense of gratitude.

Key to a successful and stress free gifting project is: planning, organization and co-ordination.

This is where a Chocolate Concierge offers their personal experience, guidance and co-ordination in helping customers. Together with the customer the Chocolate Concierge will:

  • assemble a complete and accurate lists of recipients
  • determining appropriate gifts for each with a personalized gift message
  • capturing this information in an electronic form
  • submitting the customer’s gift list to our fulfillment service for processing

Once orders are submitted, the Chocolate Concierge will be monitoring deliveries, identifying and resolving issues (e.g. incorrect recipient addresses, etc.).

If the challenges and responsibilities of a Chocolate Concierge sound like your strengths, click here for a description of the program.