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When we come to the Chocoholic Forum some of the moods and attitudes built up during a hectic stressful day accompany us here.

What we ask of our members, is to be civil, polite and tactful. More so, be tolerant of other's views, though they may be in conflict with yours. In a forum exchange that shows no common grounds, the best response is "Silence".

For those in search of more specifics, we offer the following resources:

Rules and Guidelines

This site is by Chocoholics, for Chocoholics about things of interest to Chocoholics (e.g. anything/everything as long as chocolate is involved.). Whereas chocolate has a tendency on some, to elevate their level of excitability, we provide these guidelines to promote calm and order at passionate times.


  • Be Happy
  • Eat Chocolate
  • Say what you think
  • Read the views of others
  • Tolerate differences
  • Eat more chocolate
  • Be Happier

How to use these Forums

To use our forums you have to create an account. You can use your name or a nick name in creating your account, so that others may recognize you.

Forum discussions are organized by what are called "threads" which have a topic heading (e.g "Removing Chocolate Stains").  All comments made in that thread are contained in it.  Collapsing that thread causes all the comments to disappear leaving only the topic title.

You can thus quickly scan all the topics that may be of interest to you and open up those that you wish to read and comment on.

The newest topics will appear on the top of channels (see below) and you can scroll down or search for older topics.

NOTE: You can add links to pictures, videos, Pinterest pages, music etc to your post.  But you can not insert media directly into your forum comment. This allows followers to quickly and easily read through the various comments made and choose the links they would like to see.  Links to media web pages are opened in separate windows, so they are easily viewed without interrupting the flow of forum comments.

Discussions are organized by channels, which correspond to pages on our website. These pages provide a context for the types of discussions you'll find in that channel. Once you're familiar with this organization, you'll quickly jump from channel to channel to see what's new (does channel surfing come to mind?)

Using a forum for the first time is like learning to ride a bicycle, a little scary, prone to some initial foul-ups, but before too long your sailing along without holding on to the handle bars until...  crash!

Forum Philosphy

Our forums are powered by Muut, an internet company that is re-inventing forums. They have some specific views about how forums should work, which after some thought, reflect our feelings as well.

First and foremost think of forums as a huge text message system.  Once you send a message it's gone for the world to see (ok, just whoever you sent it to), you can't call it back to fix or change something.

Unlike supposedly intelligent? text systems on smart phones, that fix what they think is an error in your message, (thereby totally screwing it up), our forum system is devoid of such artificial/fake intelligence and let's through exactly what you typed, which at times may be just as bad or even worse.


Rule #1, Read what you wrote! Is what you typed, what you meant?

Rule #2, Would you express your self the same way tomorrow?

Rule #3, (to self) Stop writing rules, this isn't kindergarten!

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