Chocolate Art and Crafts

I thought that I shall never see

Chocolate truffles growing on a tree

Who's tree this is, I think I know

His condo is in the village, though


Chocolate Truffle Tree

Chocolate is inextricably entwined in all forms of artistic expressions, this modernized chocolate centric adaptation of classic poems by Joyce Kilmer and Robert Frost not withstanding.

From paintings, sculptures, novels, poems, fabrics, clothing, furniture, animals (think chocolate labradors) etc. chocolate as a color or subject invariably makes an appearance.

For many art is a joy and pleasure, for other’s it’s a comfort or relaxing diversion from the more hectic stressful aspects of life.

Whatever the motivation, art communicates! Whether it’s the artist’s thoughts, insight, talents or labors, art leaves us all with an impression and feeling, which is the allure of art.

With that in mind, let your artistic expressions flow. This area of the site is devoted to YOUR art.

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