The Poetry Award

Chocolate Truffle Tree

I thought that I shall never see

Chocolate truffles growing on a tree

Who’s tree this is, I think I know

His condo is in the village, though


Right up there with the “Noble Prize for Literature” is the annual “ Holiday Poetry Prize”. This prestigious prize not only casts glory, recognition and fame on the selected gifted poet, but also comes with an enviable “Chocolate Gift Basket” prize.

The select committee choosing our Annual winner is made up of you, the dedicated followers of, who’s literary credentials are above reproach. Everyone is awarded 1 vote and the deadline for filing your vote via email is Dec 23, for the 2020 Prize.

The rules are that the poem can be an adaptation of a poem or song lyrics which are in the public domain or an amalgamation thereof as demonstrated by the modest example above. We also welcome original works.

As with the Nobel prize, there will only be 1 annual prize. However there will be a list of up to 10 – 2’nd place finishers who’s gifted talents and efforts will be duly acknowledged.

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