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Q: What is the Concierge program value proposition?

A: The value of the Gifting Program is that it offers a “Chocolate Concierge” service for gifting.

The holidays can be a hectic period for business, organizations and individuals who have large gifting obligations.

Offloading this obligation to someone who has made the tasks of gifting their focus can result in a significant reduction in stress, anxiety, oversights and cost.

Key to this, is your understanding of the processes, the necessary steps, the required time frames and your ability to guide the customer in a timely fashion. You should posses strong organizational skills, be self motivated, be a good communicator and enjoy working with people.

You will be presenting prospects competitively priced chocolate gifts, help them get their gifting orders organized into a form, verify that everything is correct, then work with us to send the order through the fulfillment service and provide the customer with detail information on the status of all of their gifts.

Behind the scenes:

When you and your customer have completed an order form (e.g. a fill in the blanks spreadsheet) you submit it to our order verification software. Once the order passes without errors it transfers from your hands to ours. When orders enter our systems you will have access to up-to-date statuses which includes complete details of all orders that have been received, their tracking numbers, their transit and their delivery status.

This information will be available 24/7 on-line at your finger tips.

NOTE: We do not focus on the lowest cost chocolate (Walmart covers that segment of the market). We do focus on complete customer service. Once an order has been placed with you, we work with you to process the order expeditiously and provide you with timely and accurate statuses. We’ll collaborate to resolve any problems that may arise.

Working together we spread joy, happiness and good will during the holiday season.

The Gifting Program Explained


Q: What products do you offer?

A: We limit the Gifting Program to “Gift Baskets” and “Custom Chocolates”. Why? Because when we get an order for 40-100 gifts to be shipped within two days to somewhere in the continental US, we need to have the products and ability to do so in a proven, reliable and predictable manner.

NOTE: Quick short time fulfillment is only available for Gift Baskets, Custom Chocolates take a much longer period to process. Customers must first work with our art department to develop a design for their products. This step is then followed by manufacturing and packaging of the chocolates then finally shipping.

The Gifting Program Explained


Q: Can I get product samples?

A: Yes you can, however we can not provide free samples. You will have to purchase the products and pay for shipping (we recommend GROUND). However once you’ve sold over 10 of a specific product we reimburse you for 1 of that product that you bought.

The Gifting Program Explained


Q: How are orders processed?

A: We provide you with a form (e.g. a fill in the blanks spreadsheet) that you or your customer fills out. This form contains an area for filling in the customer’s details, along with a section which is filled with all the recipients’ information.The form contains a separate line for each recipient. There you list the recipients:

  • name and address
  • gift and quantity to be sent
  • the gift card messages

NOTE: if a recipient is to receive multiple different products each is entered each on a separate line.

The Gifting Program Explained


Q: What Problems can arise?

A: Normally gifts arrive safely, on time and delight their recipients.

However at times the recipient may be gone for several days, the address that the gift was sent to is incorrect, or the neighbors dog ate it.

This will trigger an exception which will be recorded in out status  system. Sometimes this may require a call back to your customer as in the case of correcting an address.

In all cases we’ll work with you to resolve the problem.


The Gifting Program Explained


Q: When does the customer have to pay?

A: In the case of gift baskets, payment is due prior to shipment. Gift Baskets can be sent directly to the individuals receiving them.

In the case of custom chocolates there is an initial step to set up the customer’s art work. The customer must work with our art department, providing high quality vector art work and select a design layout. The art department will then use that to create a mold pattern. The mold pattern must be approved by the customer via signature of the final design. There is a charge for this art work, which must be paid up front.

For custom chocolates, complete payment is due prior to the production of the chocolates. Custom chocolates can only be shipped to a single address and the customer is responsible for distribution to individual recipients.

NOTE: We consider the privacy of a customers credit card information to be a serious matter. We prefer to call the customer directly to obtain this information to avoid it passing through multiple hands. Be sure to address this concern with the customer early on, so that they
can choose the method that they feel most comfortable with.

The Gifting Program Explained


Q: How does a customer pay for their gifting order?

A: Customers can pay in one of three different ways:

  • By Credit Card
  • By Check
  • Via a Square of PayPal Invoice

When a customer chooses the credit card option, simply provide us a phone number to contact the customer for the necessary Credit Card information. We consider the privacy of a customers credit card information to be critical.

When a customer chooses to pay by check, be sure to inform them that shipment will be authorized once the check has cleared.

When a customer chooses to pay via a Paypal Invoice, shipment will be authorized once the Paypal payment has been received.

The Gifting Program Explained


Q: When do I get paid?

A:When you become an active Chocolate Concierge you will need to fill out a W-9 form in order to be paid.

You can scan and FAX the completed form to us (FAX 888-246-2648). If you plan to email us a scanned copy of the W-9 form, we suggest you NOT fill in the SS security number. Simply call us after you’ve emailed the form and provide us your social security number by phone. Again we consider information privacy to be a serious apsect of our business.

You must have submitted a W-9 to us before we can pay you. We suggest you complete all the paper work prior to submitting your first order so there will be no delay in issuing you your first payment.

To be eligible for payment, you must have reached a cumulative order total of over $100 worth of products. NOTE: shipping costs are not counted as product costs. Once you have reached the $100 level you will receive a commission for all your sales.

You will be paid 90% of your commission two weeks after products were shipped. The reason for this partial payment is that several things may happen when gifts are shipped. Most of the time the chocolate gifts arrive safely and the recipients are delighted.

Unfortunately there are times when your customer may have the wrong address information for a recipient. This may cause an urgent call to you asking you to contact your customer for correct address information. This may incurr an address correction fee from the shipper, which the customer will have to cover.

If no alternative address is available, the shipping company will return the product to our fulfillment facility and we will issue a credit for the product portion (not shipping), provided the product is not damaged or spoiled.

As noted for address corrections, there may be additional expenses that could have arisen in specific cases. Returned products reduce your commission, which is why we only pay you 90% of the commission earned at the outset. Once all orders have been delivered and all returns processed, we will issue you payment for the remaining portion of your commission.

Be aware there may be a variety of shipping issues. We won’t try to cover all of them.

Normally shipping issues may either result in a claim for lost or damaged products, or a refund when a product is returned. Hopefully such issues will rarely arise, however we require your active involvement to resolve them.

The Gifting Program Explained


Q: How do I get paid?

A: We pay through Paypal. You only need to provide us your email or phone number for us to send you payment. However you will need to setup a Paypal account (which can be done instantly for free, when you receive payment notification from us) to receive your payment.

The Gifting Program Explained


Q: Do I receive credit for gifts that I send?

A: Yes, by all means sign yourself up as your own customer and collect the joy.

The Gifting Program Explained


Q: Do you ship outside the United States?

A: We are a US based company and only ship withing the United States. If you do have customers in Alaska or Hawaii please note that our fulfillment facilities are in the 48 contiguous states, therefore there is an extra charge for shipping to those states.

You do not personally have to be in the US to serve as a Chocolate Concierge (e.g. you’re traveling overseas), however you will have to file a US W-9 to receive compensation.

The Gifting Program Explained


Q: What do I need to do, to sign up?

A: You will need to complete and submit the Chocolate Concierge Application Form. This will allow us to setup an interview with you, if it’s a good match you can start immediately.

The Gifting Program Explained

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