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October 15th, 2011 marked a number of firsts at Chocoholic.com, including our first Pairings Event at our Website Re-Launch Party in Walnut Creek, CA. The event included tastings and pairings of wine from Wine Tree Farm and tasting chocolates from The San Francisco Chocolate Factory, a purveyor of dark chocolate discs of varying cacao content in beautiful tins to pair with medium to full bodied red wines. They also make milk and white chocolate tasting discs to pair with whites and sparkling wines and offer large tins for larger gatherings.

We raffled off their Wine Lovers 6 Pack and their Wine Lovers Party Pack to two lucky guests, with raffle proceeds benefitting Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen of San Jose. This was Chocohoilic.com's first fundraiser and it was a smashing success. As a result we plan to launch more Chocoholic.com Pairings Events in 2012 in major cities across the country.  We'll make announcments on our Blog and facebook and Twitter pages, but if you want to be notified directly about future events, please drop us an email at Pairings@Chocoholic.com and we'll add you to our mailing list for Pairings announcements.

We look forward to meeting you soon as we expand the program in 2012.


Robert Noakes
Chief Chocolate Officer

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