Our management team has one thing in common…we all LOVE chocolate! Well, actually we have a lot more in common than that, because we have all come from high tech careers in Silicon Valley and the East Coast, we all love wine, and we share a zest for life and the pursuit of happiness. Read a little bit about each of us here to get to know what drives us every day, which often starts and ends with chocolate. Did I mention that we LOVE CHOCOLATE!

Robert Noakes
Chief Chocolate Officer

I am Robert and I am a Chocoholic. That is how I often introduce myself, and this was long before I bought the company in June 2011. I live a life of serendipity, and these happy accidents have kept things very interesting for me…never a dull moment! It was one of those serendipitous moments that led me to Chocoholic.com.

In late 2010, I was invited to Chicago to explore a leadership opportunity with one of the world’s largest retailers in their online division. You may have heard of them…they used to own a tall tower in Chicago. While there I decided to take in some of the local flavor and people and found my way to a cool spot with even cooler people. As I wandered through the lounge a certain green-eyed girl caught my attention, and my first thought was…”She looks like a chocoholic”. I then wondered if she might like to share a chocolate dessert with me, because the first thing I look for at a restaurant is the dessert menu and then the first thing I look for on the dessert menu is of course... chocolate!

I didn't even need the menu because their signature chocolate dessert was displayed on flat screens all over the restaurant... The Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet. That's all I needed to see as it reminded me of one of my favorite desserts right here in Walnut Creek at 1515 Restaurant Lounge... The Chcocolate Chip Cookie Melt...but I digress...Read More… 

Corinne Moore
Chocolate Operating Officer

Corinne is affectionately known as “Dish”. She has been with the company since 1998, when she and Pete Smith took over from the founders. Corinne is a passionate woman… about chocolate, about wine, about life. Corinne left the high tech world after an illustrious career at Unisys where she was in the marketing side of the business.

Corinne is our maven of operations, including finance, Customer Service and fulfillment. She keeps the chocolate moving from Chocolatier to Customer and makes absolutely certain that every Customer gets that personal touch they deserve before, during and after purchase. She is a great sounding board for new ideas and remains a great asset to the company as we launch into a new frontier of business expansion.

Corinne is also in the wine business and you can check out her beautiful reds at www.WineTreeFarm.com. She loves to pair wine with chocolate and works with our Chocolatiers to bring that important skill to Chocoholic.com events. Check out our Pairings page to read about our inaguaral event on October 15, 2011 and be watching in early 2012 to see when Chocoholic.com will come to your City to host a Chocoholic.com Pairings Event near you.

Pete Smith
Chocolate Information Officer

We love Pete, and Pete loves chocolate almost as much as we love him. His role is to manage all of the technology that drives our website and everything else that is needed behind the scenes to make things appear to run like a finely oiled machine. The reality is that technology is a chaotic world of constant change that presents new challenges every day. Pete is cool under fire, and getting our new site launched was no walk in the park considering the short time and tall mountain he had to climb to get us where we needed to be.

Pete worked for Digital Equipment Corporation when it was the leader in corporate computing technology. Where are they now? It doesn’t matter, because we got Pete when he tasted some of Chocoholic.com’s products back in 1998. How he and Corinne found each other from opposite coasts and ended up in the chocolate business together is another story which we will be covering in the blog, very soon!

Pete burns the midnight oil often, which is par for the course if you are in the technology game. He keeps our servers running, our email emailing, our shopping cart filling, our Chocolatiers receiving orders, our shipments finding their way to our Customers, and finally our developers developing the best Customer experience on the Web. This is no small feat considering our many to one business model which would drive any normal technologist crazy. Pete has been with Chocoholic.com for 13 years, and we hope he sticks around for many more.

Chocolate Security Officer

Chip was a stray I discovered in a very unique pharmacy in Laguna Beach, CA during a long summer weekend getaway with my lovely lady. She had been telling me for a few weeks that I need to get a chocolate lab as the company mascot and name him Chip. As serendipity would once again deliver, there he was, looking at me with those bright eyes and perky posture, just begging for me to take him home, and so I did... meet Chip, the Pocket Chocolate Lab!

Chip will have multiple roles at Chocoholic.com, the most important of which is to guard our valuable chocolate inventory on the Chocoholic.com website. Chip is very well trained and I promise he won't ever get into the chocolate himself, but his bite is much worse than his bark...in fact he doesn't bark at all...a dream come true for a condo-dwelling dog owner. 

Chip will also be traveling the world with me as I scour the planet for the most amazing chocolate delicacies with his first trip planned just around the corner to the New York Chocolate Show on November 10-14. He will be sending pictures of his journeys to his blog (coming soon!) and writing stories of his many adventures with me.

Finally, Chip will have another role on the website... if you see Chip on a product details page, you will get free shipping on that product... See Chip, Free Ship!... so be watching for him starting in mid-November and right through the Holiday shopping season.

We are dedicated to serving our customers by staying on the forefront of providing products, delivering information, and creating experiences that align with this. We intend to be serious about what we do and have a great deal of fun doing it.

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